Why Choose Trustworthy & Affordable?

Because we care, we always leave the trash containers upright with the lids on them, placed in appropriate locations. (Never in the road, driveway or ditch!)

Because we care, we handle your container with the exact same care we handle ours, being respectful of your property.

Because we care, we give our customers the option of paying quarterly (every 3 months) or annually at a slightly lesser rate.

Because we care, we do not require a deposit or fees up front.  New customers are billed after their first trash pick up day. (We pro-rate for customers who start after the first of the quarter.) We are aware all of our competitors collect money up front prior to starting service.  We do not because we want to treat others the exact same way we want to be treated….trusting people to pay their bills on time.

Because we care, we cater to people with special needs.